September 26, 2009

Fall is here!

September 18, 2009

Just a City Boy, Born and Raised in South Detroit

Are you seeing what I'm seeing....?

Just out of curiosity, does anyone see the same number I see at the bottom of my blog on the counter? If that is correct, my blog has been inching close to 12,000 views. I'm not sure if I'm flattered or officially creeped out.

September 16, 2009

"No matter where around this world I seem to roam, all I ever want to do is get back to Jersey" -Bon Jovi

All I can say is, some really awesome things have come from NJ. Bon Jovi, Bruce Springstein, Whitney Houston, Frank Sinatra, Jersey Shore, Cape May, First Baseball game ever, Diner Capitol of the World... just to name a few.

Oh yeah, and Edison, NJ was named one of the top 10 best places to live the the U.S. by US News.

This last visit home was short, but sweet. I'll let the pictures do the talking.My super sweet grandparents at baby bro's graduation.

The baby bro and I. He's all grown up and out of school! Peace out JPStevens!

I loved every minute of being out there... except for one thing. It rained every single day. That was not so bueno.

Hello Stranger...

Let's catchup on the past oh, 3 months or so of my life...

June 8, 2009

Can't Get Enough of...


and can't wait for this...

May 18, 2009

Journey of No End

Latter-Day Voices 2008-2009
What is there to say other than I loved this ye
ar and I love these people? Some of my favorite moments:

**Disclaimer: There are going to be some Mormon things in this post, if you don't understand, we'll talk later.

1. We're in rehearsal one day learning an arrangement of "If You Could Hie To Kolob" and we get to the part where we all sing, "...there is no end to race." Bro. Salmond stops us, ask
s me to come up in front of the choir and asks me "Linda, How would you feel if you had to be white(racially) to get into the Celestial Kingdom?" He was dead serious. Was that a trick question...? And he still hasn't lived that one down yet.

2. Every girl Jason Chesney has ever kissed is in this choir. Yes, I am one of them.

3. Choir Tour. I loved everything about it. The week went as follows:

Sunday May 3rd- Fireside at Morgan Utah

Monday May 4th- Devil's Slide, Oakley (with Carli!), and Aspen Grove (near Sundance) to play. It was mine and Brady's Swiss Getaway (more on that later).

Tuesday May 5th-Show in Moab, Utah. We too
k care of some firewood for the widow's so when winter rolls around they will be warm.

Wednesday May 6th-Arches National Park. Thank you Emily Sorensen for instilling in us a love and respect for all things rock. Later, show in Grand Junction. Rebecca Tanner and I stayed with the funniest and creepiest host family ever. They didn't give us dinner until after our show which was 10:15 PM so we had to make do with peanut butter and Teddy Grahams. And let's talk about how we came back after the show to find my bra in their front room. No, I didn't leave my bra in that room. In fact, it was in my suitcase, in the room we were staying in and the door was closed. Needless to say, we locked our door that night. I am forever grateful that it was Rebecca Tanner that shared that experience with me. Bless her heart.
Thursday May 7th-Rawlins, Wyoming
This was an interesting place. We spent almost the entire day on the bus. I had been in a weird mood. We get to Rawlins and their stage space is non-existant. So we improvised. Turned out to be our best show.

Friday May 8th-Martin's Cove and Green River, Wyoming.
The last day of tour was so great. We went to Martin's Cove which is where the pioneers came through as they were crossing the plains and many of them died there. I have ancestors that came through there and died near there as well. It was an incredible experience. That night we had a show in Green River. Everyone was pretty emotional, especially the people who will not be coming back next year. It was a pretty rough show for me because I was so emotional as well.